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【ラボ】 街乗りアクセサリー Urban accessories

[開催日] 2020/10/15

Stylish and Functionable accessories for Urban bike style

BROOKS ブルックスのバッグ

Made by a British leather saddle maker with a history of over 100 years, the bag is functional and has a shape that naturally fits your body.

ALDEN オールデンの靴

The finest trad shoes are completed through many work processes that require skilled craftsmanship. Elegant and simple quality. The shoes that can be worn for 10 or 20 years are equipped as standard with the coolness that cannot be overlooked.

MOSCOT モスコットのサングラス

Founded in New York, the sunglasses of a 100-year-old long-established eyeglass specialty store have been updated to match contemporary fashion while paying homage to the design of the good old days. It does not only protects your eyes from the sun and dust, but also supports and protects your personality.

METREA メトレアのグローブ

シマノのアーバンスポーツコンポーネント メトレアの特製グローブ(非売品)。パッド入りで長時間乗っても疲れない自転車専用のものがおすすめです。使い続けるうちに手になじむ革グローブはトラッドなスーツスタイルにもよく合います。
Urban sports component "METREA" special glove (not on sale).The bike-specific glove which has pad inside is better for you to ride longer. The leather type one that fits comfortably in your hand as you continue to use it goes well with a traditional suit style.

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